Cheque Payment

Instructions For Cheque Payment

  1. Cheque shall be drawn in favor of NOIDA POWER COMPANY LIMITED and should be crossed A/C Payee.

  2. Name , Address , Consumer Number and Billing Month shall be written in BLOCK letters on the reverse of the cheque.

  3. Cheque shall be attached with the stub (detachable lower part of latest electricity bill.)

  4. Payment by Cheque shall not be accepted after 7 days from the Due Date.

  5. Outstation cheques are NOT accepted.

  6. Post Dated Cheque shall NOT be accepted .

  7. Please tender the exact amount of the bill. Part payment of the bill shall NOT be accepted.

  8. Cheques shall not be accepted for consumers with disconnected supply.

  9. Cheques for Gross Amount will only be accepted / considered if deposited after the due date specified in the bill.

  10. Clearing Time for Cheque Box : 1500 Hrs Mon – Fri
    1300 Hrs on Saturday
    No clearing on Sundays / Holidays