Help is just a Phone Call Away

If there is a power failure at your place and you do not know where to go or whom to look for to report the problem and get supply restored without delay, do not hit the panic button.

Your utility, Noida Power, has made adequate arrangements to take care of all such emergencies. All you need to do is to keep your Consumer Number and 24 hours help desk phone number +91-120-2333555 handy. Pick up the receiver and dial the number - and help will be on the way. It is just that simple!!!

When you dial up our Call Center and provide details of your Account and the problem with your supply, the message is immediately relayed to our Field Crew as well as our Control Room, which directs and monitors the field crew, who come calling to your place.

If, for any unforeseen reason, restoration of supply gets delayed, your call will be automatically escalated so that you do not have to spend any more minutes in darkness than what is absolutely unavoidable.