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RTGS and NEFT Payment

We would like to bring to your notice that you may now make payment of your monthly electricity consumption bills through the mode of RTGS and NEFT from your own bank account.

You are required to enter the following details for making the payment through RTGS/NEFT:

Beneficiary Account No.
'xxxxxx' should be Customer's Contract Account Number as mentioned on Bill.

(It is cautioned that the Business Partner or Consumer numbers should not be used here, kindly ensure that only Contract Account Number as mentioned on bill is used)

Beneficiary Name
Beneficiary Address
Commercial Complex, H-Block, Alpha-II Sector, Greater Noida
Bank Name
Branch Name
Sandoz Branch, Mumbai

It would also be necessary for you to intimate us, i.e. NPCL after making the first payment in order to initiate the new arrangement.

To send the intimation, please click here.